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Let’s imagine you are invisible, stuck onto the ceiling, looking down in a primary school classroom. The children are listening to of the their teacher and while doing so, many are scribbling randomly in their books. Most of them have concentrated on the lesson and the drawing motion is almost automatic with no intentional thought behind it. Some are just drawing lines or cubes, others circles…and then – one of the pupils have drawn a pentagram! And then there’s another, sitting in the opposite side of classroom!

Ok, what about moving location? Let’s visit a boardroom full of adults. They are all sitting down trying to absorb a new presentation. And once more, similar to what happened in the classroom – there is a person scribbling. In between the mambo-jumbo on the paper he had scribbled a pentagram.

What if we tried to place all those individuals in a social background where the pentagram didn’t exist? Let’s assume that they were all brought up without any previous exposure to the symbol.

So what about this urge or instinct? Where does it come from? What links them to the rest of us, who have consciously read or being told, or have seen a TV program about, or maybe just being exposed to the general social media? The answer is: we are all human! Our subconscious mind contains vast knowledge in symbology which is the foundation of our humanity. Some call it sacred geometry. The ancient Greek philosopher Plato called it the world of ideas – symbols (the true world), with the material one being only a vague reflection of what should really be.

The pentagram is one of the basic spiritual symbols which reside in everybody’s mind.

In antiquity , the pentagram symbol can be found in ancient Egypt, depicting Sirius, then in Rome and Persia throughout the whole Byzantine era you will find it almost everywhere.  It will be spotted in many pegan traditions all over the globe too though that is a very detailed subject to go into.

It is also important to add that the  Freemasonary describes the pentagram as the most important Pythagorean symbol  in sacred geometry.

What does the pentagram symbolize?

The pentagram symbolizes protection.

It is widely used in occult ceremonies as a cleansing ritual done prior to any magick work and also thereafter as a closing ceremony which banishes intrusive spirits back into their world and away from interference with the purpose of the actual spell. It is better known as LBRP (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram).

Details on that can be found from various sources, however after extent research on the subject, I personally recommend Aliester Crawley’s Thelema. It includes fine details as well as LBRP in enochian angelic language which has been accepted as the base in the Golden Dawn’s teaching and traditions.

With its perfect geometry, the pentagram represents spirit over matter. It is often illustrated with Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. ” As within, so without.” Starting with bottom left point representing Earth, then upper left Air, Ether (or Spirit) on top, top right – Water and bottom right – Fire.

Having mentioned all above, the pentagram is a protective symbol which when worn will not only be aesthetically pleasing with its perfect geometrical shape but rather be providing an invisible shield against external negative energies.

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