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Most important when dressing is that you feel comfortable in your clothes. You should express your personality and how you feel on that day too, however we would like to share a couple of tips on how to really rock in your outfit and turn heads every day.
There are four different women’s body shapes and you can easily determine which one outlines your own.
·         Banana or H Shape as some refer to as is when your shoulders and chest are almost in line with your hips and your waist size is not particularly emphasized. For example, if your chest and hips measure 90cm, your waist will be anything over 70cm. 
·         Apple body shape refers to much larger chest with waist and hips of similar ratio as Banana shape.
·         Pear body shape describes small chest and not so prominent waist with rather large hips.
·         Hourglass body type is very much explained in it’s name. That is having large chest and hips with small waist. Example: Chest and Hips – 90cm and waist 60cm or less.

Whatever your favorite style choice: Alternative, Grunge, Steampunk, Witchy Fashion, Pastel Goth or Vampire Fashion, to name just few of the trends by Wearable Tattoo fashion, you can follow the suggestions below and optimize your look easily.

Banana Body Shape

Tip! On occasions, wear a corset to easily transform your shape to Hourglass.

Best combinations for you:
·         Skinny jeans/leggings + Loose Top/T-Shirt
·         Loose Pants + Tight Fitted Top
·         Bodycon + Corset or Cincher Belt
·         Any other type dress!
·         Low rise Bottom Swimsuit
·         Any Flair Skirt (Short or Long) + Fitted Top
·         Crop Top + Low rise Pants

Apple Body Shape 

·         Skinny jeans/leggings + Loose Top/T-Shirt
·         Flair Dress
·         Any other dress + Corset or Cincher Belt
·         Flair Pants + Tight Top
·         Fitted Skirt + Loose Top
·         Low rise Bottom Swimsuit

Pear Body Shape

·         Loose Pants + Tight Fitted Top
·         Any Flair Skirt (Short or Long) + Fitted Top
·         High Waist Pants/Skirts
·         High Waist Swimsuit
·         Bodysuit + Flair Skirt
·         Crop Top + High Waist Pants/Skirt

Hourglass Body Shape

·         Any Dress/Bodycon
·         High Waist Pants + Crop Top/Fitted Top
·         High Waist Swimsuit
·         Bodysuit + High Waist Pants/Skirt
·         Loose Pants + Crop Top/Fitted Top
·         Loose Tops + Skinny Pants
·         Fitted Skirt + Fitted Top
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What is a Nu Goth?

Nu Goth is a Sub-Genre of the old Goth, mixed with Grunge, Pastel Goth & the 90s Hipster.

The term encloses interest in all dark – art, fashion, music & décor.

Nu Goth is the latest trend and its here to stay! Say “hallo” to Halloween every day, all year round.

If you are drawn towards this style, then you are at the right place. We offer wide variety of Nu Goth apparel including clothing, make-up, wigs, jewelry and accessories.

Shop here:

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If you are naturally drawn by skulls, bats, owls and mystical amulets, dark style jewelry should absolutely be a major part in completing your outfit. Well, if you prefer, surely you can leave the clothing aside and wear jewelry only instead..

You can easily add some darkness to any occasion outfit without drawing too much attention by adding a ring, necklace or hair accessory.

Here are some celebrities who adore good old skull jewelry as per

Wearable Tattoo’s jewelry range offers trendy and at the same time unique design pieces which will spice-up any mood and wardrobe.

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It’s towards the end of 2022 and the alternative goth society has moved forward, displaying desire for new creative ways in which they present their love for darkness.

Eccentric high slit dresses, introduction of more color and exciting piercings are only a few of the trends.

The new look is reveling high fashion tendencies with clean lines and well planed combination of elements.

Here are some of the latest alternative goth hot trending items you shouldn’t go without:

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What is it that makes fishnets so appealing to us all?

They do not serve practical but rather an aesthetic purpose in transforming any outfit by adding a pinch of timeless sex appeal.

Dating back in 1933 and worn mainly by the time’s famous burlesque dancers, fishnets have stood the test of time as one of the most desirable accessory.

The idea of hiding and at the same time revealing flesh has the powerful magic of making it such desired fashion trend.

We can see that they can be mixed with various styles as you can read In Style’s article “How to wear fishnet tights like a celebrity“.

Fishnets and mesh fabrics have been worn by all punk, grunge, heavy metal and basically all Dark Fashion lovers since the 80s.

These days you will find various inspiring designs and styles to chose from.

We offer wide variety of trendy contemporary fishnets  which can bring out the Dark Goddess out of all daring to wear them.

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Are you one of those creatures who is fascinated by the dark? If so, more than likely you simply looooove bats.

These cute little animals, portrayed as part of all dark and evil are rather weary of humans.

Can you have a bat as a pet? That’s not a good idea if you really care about their wellbeing.  See Animal Hype ‘s article: Bats as pets / Do bats make good pets

It’s a better idea to express your fascination with these amazing beasts in the fashion you wear.

Shop our bat inspired products!

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So,  you love dark fashion? Halloween is not just one day each year but rather part of your lifestyle? Does your closet consist of black clothing only? Maybe. That’s if you stuck to the old original Dark fashion look. Goth aesthetics has been around for some time! Perhaps it’s time to explore the latest “Dark” fashion trends which are not necessary that dark. We find that some of our best sellers amongst the Alternative Goth community in 2022 are pastels – pink, purple or blue, which stand out when combined with black boots, fishnet stockings and dark style jewelry.

Another trend is plaid. This retro look is currently extremely popular amongst the Alternative community.

Take a look, spice-up the “Dark” closet and stand out!

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Wanna look different and try Alternative Fashion Makeup?

Nowadays it’s easy to achieve flawless and dramatic results by using variety of quality products and learn some basic techniques which will set the base for unleashing your talent and imagination into variety of looks which you may decide to explore.

Exciting celebrities like Kat Von D may play a role of inspiration.

You might also want to check out these exceptionally talented four makeup artists:

Try our selected Makeup collection and don’t look back.

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Chunky boots have been around since the ’60s, at first as combat style and later in the ’70s as Dr. Martens well known Punk style boots.

By the ’80s the Punk boot had become a staple fashion accessory, thanks to the popularity of well known bands like Generation X, Sex Pistols and The Clash.

As per Who What Wear, Pop Punk has made its way back into the fashion scene – here’s why, famous artists and celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian, Machine Gun Kelly, Willow Smith, Megan Fox – only a few to mention have been seen completing their outfits with a pair of chunky boots.

With the rise of “Dark Fashion” craze in the past years, today having a pair of Punk style boots in your closet is an essential accessory which can be worn not only with any style pants but with tights or skirt of any length, or even with a dress.

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We’ve seen Pastels in Goth Subculture since the late 90s, however it seems that the fashion trend has grown to a new stage of tremendous popularity in the 20s, more profound than ever before.

From various plaid fabric combinations, to checkered print or simply a strong monotone pastel accents which transform the outfit into more playful, modern dark style.

Pastel hair has remained a huge element for the past couple of ears and it’s here to stay.

Another strong feature are shoes/boots in all soft shades of pastel, often worn with fishnet stockings or skinny pants.

Browse our store for trendiest Pastel Goth style inspiring products.

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Creating Dark Gothic Style home is a passion and lifestyle.

You can start by adding an accent piece here and there and eventually painting all your walls in black or purple!

Main point is for that room or complete house to transform your feelings about the rest of the world, to be You and to act as an inspiration to whatever you do (or don’t do:)).The choice is yours  to what type of dark deco you would like to achieve.

Let’s face it – you can make everyday Halloween.

Shop our store below for some creative ideas for beginners or already established Dark Style lovers!

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Halloween is a season to be creative and adventurous.

Costume styles are changing with fashion, technology and the ideas to get inspired by are endless.

New talented designers, chefs and celebrities present us with daring project ideas. Just watch Halloween Wars on Food Network and that’s enough to get you in that dark festive mood so unique to Halloween.

Get inspired by and shop Home Deco, Makeup and Costumes below from the comfort of your home.

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The Beginning

My corseting journey began about 6-7 years ago.

Let me get this straight from the beginning – I am not talking about wearing the so popular nowadays cincher or gym cinchers (even that some call them “corset”,  I find that inappropriate as a corset should contain steel bones,  in order to actually train your waist).

Bearing in mind I have always been fascinated with body modification, the idea of corseting consumed me and I reached out to learn more from the community of tight-lacers, researched French corsetieres and stumbled across the not so optimistic judgments of others.

Once I bought my first two corsets, I was completely fascinated with my so close to heart garments.

The Facts I Discovered.

I found out that one could not wear them 23/7 immediately. You should only wear a corset for 4-5 hours in a day for approximately ten days in order to “break it” or rather said to give it a chance to shape around your body. That is in order to extend the life of the precious expensive accessory as otherwise it  will tear in places under  the immediate prolonged initial strain.

The visible and immediate body reshaping as a result of putting on a corset  is addictive.

I felt more feminine and loved the immediate gratification effect!

At least for the first hour or two. Thereafter my  breathing was different, shallow and fast. Sleeping could only be done by laying on a side. Exercising, especially intense cardio I found  impossible.

Wearing a corset is a real lady’s style garment – you cannot lay back on a couch in front of a TV! In order to breath you have to sit up straight at all times. I cannot recommend anything better as a solution for improving bad posture!

YesI also found out that our modern fashion is certainly not designed around wearing a corset. It’s best to wear it over dresses, skirts, skinny jeans and tights with it making sure that all of those are really firm fit as belts under the corset are ”no-no”.

Do you have to wear lining? Absolutely! It will protect your skin from severe bruising, though you still might get minor marks especially if you have slim figure. I suggest using cotton tank top. It worked best for me.

Does corset wear really and permanently reduce your waist size? Unfortunately not (See German tightlacer calling herself Lacie: Laci Pin Up)! Unless you grow up in it and your ribs get reshaped during very young years, you will not be able to keep your achievement of waist size reduction for long after stopping to wear it.

The Outcome

Is it worth it to even start?

Oh yes, definitely! Nothing will transform your body like it unless you remove surgically a rib or two!

I must confess that nowadays I only wear my corsets on occasion and you won’t see me at a tight lacing competition though who knows, I might just change my mind and go for it!

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What is a magick grimoire?

A grimoire is a journal of magick beliefs, understandings, spell trials and personal first hand practical experiences  written by a sorcerer himself.

The word grimoire originates from the  French grammaire meaning grammar which leads to words or a book of spells.

This is a very old practice taking us back to ancient Egypt and Hermes Trismegistus himself who is believed to have recorded his knowledge in scripts.

It is well accepted in the occult society for each sorcerer or sorceress to posses one of these books in order to keep track of their own journey and level of advancement within  their own spiritual development.

Many occultists include drawings, sigils and tables describing their studies in precise detail.

A grimoire may include divination techniques, scrying journey occurrences, magick spells, messages from different entities and conclusions.

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When I first came across Steampunk fashion, I immediately fell in love with its distinct look. I saw it as classy, sexy and fearless. That polished look of the Victorian era, spiced up by the great idealists and visionaries of those days, though still processed and delivered to us by our modern minds.
Then came the question:
Where does Steampunk originate?
Nostalgically inspired by the hunger for technology and innovation during Victorian England and American Wild West, Steampunk was  firstly mentioned in 1987 by K.W. Jeter, the author of the novel Morlock Night and thereafter in book called The Difference Engine by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling which was also born in the late 1980. That is where for the first time we come across with the idea of Steampunk.
Since then the idea of what could have been should  20th Century technology met the 19th century steam powered machinery have formed a science fiction genre which had shaped a sub-culture including Victorian clothing & futuristic technology.

As per the  Oxford Dictionary Steampunk is: “A genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology.”

For those of you, hooked on the subject I would recommend some of the most amazing Steampunk reads I’ve come across:

  • The Affinity Bridge by George Mann
  • The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack(Burton & Swinburne Adventures) by Mark Hodder
  • The Martian Ambassador(Blackwood and Harrington) by Alan K Baker

Nowadays Steampunkers can be found all over the world. The fashion move is well known for their love in corsets, goggles and different mechanical look accessories.

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If similarly to me you have a soft spot for alternative wear (you should though, if reading this article), you will often find yourself asking the question if this exceptionally stunning piece of jewelry in the shape of a coffin or those irresistible Lady Gaga’s videos’ inspired style shoes will fit in with my 9-5 office job or will be perceived by my child’s teachers or those nosy neighbors that some of us are lucky to have.

Well, my open minded fashion outlook started forming when I was 12-13 years of age meaning  I have had a lengthy experience of learning how to make it work.

There’s no need to starve yourself of what you actually really love and pretend to be somebody else. Of course you still have to somehow make it work thus you don’t have to chose between that amazing job opportunity and your inspiring fashion sense. 

First you have to make it become part of your style. You should consider yourself lucky as there are many people actually out there who haven’t got a clue of what their style is. Therefore if you always put a drop, just a drop of your alternative fashion style’s magic in the portion you will be considered by others as stylish. The outcome will be that instead of appearing extreme and weird to some you will rather leave lasting impression as an individual with a classy dark beautiful style.

Play with different options like wearing these rocking shoes and vintage look blouse with skinny office look trousers or pencil skirt.

Or what about Steampunk style boots and skirt? Just add a plain stylish blouse and no hair accessories. You will steal the day!

Or maybe add a corset with your new suit! You will be surprised how it will change the fit of your jacket! You will look simply polished!!

Hmm.. an Ankh pendant peeping through your blouse?..Or gothic choker? Stunning, stylish and classy!

Second – make sure your fashion sense is not offensive to any religious, racial or social groups. I would not suggest putting on those vampire look red contact lenses or Illuminaty enthused 4″ pendant at somebody’s funeral because you most probably will be left out of the will ;).

Third -very important! Wear what suits you! We are all born with our own unique body types and shapes so embrace it! Make a statement with the part of your body you love and dim others. If you love the way you look the odds are that others will too. If you dress in a way that makes people whisper “Wow! She (or he) looks stunning, she always does. And that big booty (or boobs, or nose or whatever) just suits her!”

So, embrace!

Fourth – do not be afraid of color! Believe me, I looove black though experience had thought me that color here and there does wonders!

For example a suede black dress with pastel green shoes and a matching necklace or earrings! Or maybe pink shoes? There are many possibilities when it comes to those touches of “something different” to your daily wardrobe.

Fifth – listen to your instinct and do not be stereotypical.

Many years ago I discovered that I love pearls and they suit me. I wear  them in between leather, fur and feather type textures. And yes, the old lady next door wears them too though she doesn’t wear the 5″ heals with them and her hair is short and permed 🙂 which for example places both styles (mine and hers) worlds apart.

Do not be pressured by today’s fashion either! Especially if it won’t work for you! Wearing you hair silver/grey might make you 15 years older, especially if you are anything older than 25 (there might be exceptions to this – just my thought in general)!

Sixth – be comfortable and practical. Don’t let yourself be fashion victim! Wearing high heels the whole day while standing might not be a good idea for you unless you are one of those strange creatures like myself who has forgotten how to and will refuse to wear flats. Or maybe putting on a long frilly gothic dress when going hiking unless you don’t care that you might lose half of it to being hooked onto bushes and branches.

Weekend? Go crazy! Anything your heart desires!

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In the early 90s, the grungy fashion look was born influencing millions of people all over the world. Fashion designers like Marc  Jacobs and Perry Ellis didn’t wait long to include and elevate it to a high fashion trend in their collections.

And of course those Doc Martin shoes! That was a must to have in order to complete the look!

Striped tops, colorfully printed dresses with denim jackets, round Steampunk meets John Lennon style sunglasses and oversized knitted hats! Since the 90s, grunge style had never seem to fade away and it had always had some kind of an influence with  the latest fashion trends. After all, who wouldn’t wear ripped jeans or denim jacket? However, it seems to me that nowadays the style had evolved into a more polished look than its actual original look in the early 90s.

Messy and cool, carefree look, that what grunge is.

Go for bright lipstick, dyed hair with over grown roots and generous dark eyeliner.

There you are! Ready to go!

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I can still clearly remember travelling in the car with my parents, on our way somewhere in a late autumn evening. The road was quite and without the disruption of other vehicles’ lights I could concentrate to the picture on my left – a deep, dark forest. I felt goose bumps. I just knew that I had to be good and listen to my parents or otherwise they would leave me there in the woods and I would end up in Baba Yaga’s cooking pot. My vivid imagination was running wild. I pictured some children locked up behind wooden bars and others screaming while becoming Baba Yaga’s meal.

My early childhood in Bulgaria was filled with the belief that she was out there, always watching and waiting to get hold of me. My fear was not only brought by the books with colorful illustrations or the almost natural reference to Baba Yaga by the grownups at home but rather by everybody I knew as we as children felt all the same about the old scary witch Baba Yaga.

It is a peculiar fact that most Eastern Slavic believes and superstitions are based in ancient pagan believes and strangely, even the communist regime at the time could not stop people from practicing their traditions, no they couldn’t, they just called them national historical customs.

So what does Baba Yaga look like in the eyes of a five year old? Allow me to first explain that baba in Bulgarian language means grandmother or the term can be applied for any elderly woman. Baba Yaga is old, her teeth are long and sharp and her hair is silver, wrapped in a scarf. She moves very quick and has the ability to fly on a broomstick. Another specific fact is that her house is alive and it stands on two huge chicken feet which enables Baba Yaga to run and relocate. For this reason nobody could say she lived in a particular enchanted forest but she could rather be anywhere and anytime.

Baba Yaga appears in many folklore books as well as in Mikhail V. Lomonosov‘s Rossiskaia Grammatika (Russian Grammer) written in 1755.

You can find her in art, fairy tails and even in Hollywood.

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When it comes to planning a wedding, one of the most and truly enchanting inspirations is choosing a Gothic theme. From the bridal gown to the hair, makeup, flower arrangement and decor, all in an almost nostalgic, sensual and unforgettable style.

A famous Gothic wedding was that of Dita Von Teese and Marilyn Manson in 2005. It was well documented by Vogue, in the March 2006 issue. Von Teese wore a purple Vivienne Westwood gown, as shot by Steven Klein. Her best friend, Christian Louboutin, designed her matching purple wedding shoes.

And one cannot forget about the cake!

Gothic Wedding Cakes Are Gothlicious!

See this stunning creation by Lorelie Carvey – pretty poppy flowers with sugar beaded center, soft lavender sugar veil lace wrapping the bottom tier.  Matte black fondant and creamy butter cream are merged into one design.

Here are some Gothic inspirational photo shoots discovered in Junebug Weddings‘s blog.

Photo Shoot Credits:

Photo Shoot Production/Design: Merryl Brown Events
Photographer/creative Director: Joan Allen
Location: Eye Of The Day- Garden Design Center, Carpinteria, CA
Cake/pastry Chef: Elizabeth Gottfried
Calligrapher: Laura Hooper-Leader of Laura Hooper Calligraphy
Florist: Camilla Svensson Burns
Hair Stylist/artist: Rick Farber
Jewelry: 33 Jewels
Linen: La Tavola Fine Linen
Makeup Artist: Christine Nguyen
Models: Bride: Leigh Yeager- Wilhelmina Models
Groom: Braden Brunick
Prop Stylists: Merryl Brown and Adrienne Carrere

Wardrobe Stylist And Designer: Katy Ladin
Wardrobe Provided By: Chic Little Devil Stylehouse
*a Special Thank You To Rebecca Raskind, Caity Dariotis, Michelle And Kate.
Wardrobe Designers:
Anne Barge
Claire Pettibone
John Varvatos 
Junko Yoshioka
Tom Ford

Photography Assistance and Behind The Scenes Photos:
John Sanossian
Katelin Wallace Journigan
Post Production/color Effects And Retouching: Digitalfusion Digitalfusion – Hugh Milstein And Kathryn Sands
Photographic Equipment: Screaming Broccoli – Ed And Declan
Cameras And Film:
Fuji Film: Pro 400, Fuji Film Fp-3000b And Fp=100c
Kodak: Portra 800
Mamiya Rz 6×7

Stay inspired!

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There is a new fashion trend out there! The body harness.

It started in the beginning of 2019 with belts which extended to the upper leg as a garter and or choker style necklaces with long chains hanging over the breasts.

Shakira debuted in her latest super hot music video Chantaje wearing harness belt over shorts. This is another interesting point regarding this new trend – it’s worn over clothing as an accessory, almost like a different more alternative type of jewelry.

Now the variety had increased from just garters to full body suits completed by masks and similar face harness accessories.

Originally in black, now harnesses can be found in red, pink, tan or just about any color you can think of.

It compliments different styles of alternative clothing from Gothic to punk, grunge or simply sexy club or street wear.

Check out our recommendations on some of the most popular best sellers leather harness fashion accessories below or simply key in “harness” in search on our website.

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“I want you to believe…to believe in things that you cannot.” 
― Bram Stoker, Dracula

Since the birth of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula, through the years and the various vampire theme Hollywood productions, it looks like we can never get enough. There is  something so sensual and nostalgic about the idea of a vampire’s kiss, their immortality and breathtaking vintage fashion.

They are typically exceptionally strong and fast, some possess specific supernatural powers and completely  take your breath away with their physical appeal. 

Vintage vampire fashion had always had place in the rock music of the 80s where the fashion met with long haired men, Gothic jewelry and deco.

In 2005 Stephenie Meyer launched her first book Twilight which was the first one of four consecutive books of The Twilight saga. It gathered enormous success amongst fans of various age, background and beliefs. The “modern” vampires were everywhere from t-shirts to fridge magnets and school cases.

That once again ignited the interest and  infatuation of the public in the immortal creatures.

Whether you are planning on your next Halloween costume or are just simply eccentric vampire fashion lover, you should not miss to take a look at some of our uniquely selected clothing and accessories items in our alternative store.

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So…you are fond of goth clothing but at the same time you looooove pastel colors?

That means that you a Pastel Goth!

The combination of these two different styles is a one of its own which started somewhere in the late 2010 and it is going strong!

Pastel color Gothic dresses, fishnet stockings, pentagram necklaces and large witchy rings as well as pastel colored hair (wig), makeup with a lot of sparkle.

Many of the Pastel Goths run colorful blogs and Instagram accounts with large increasing amounts of followers as it can be seen in the past couple of years.

Love the style?

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What is Witchy fashion?

Does it get determined by your origin, Hollywood movies’ influence or simply pop-culture?

The answer is – all three, and more. Whether  you are attracted to Dark fashion, Gothic style or you’re a dedicated witch craft practitioner and you LOVE the Alternative look of a modern witch – go for it!

You may keep it all black or mix with colors here and there, that’s up to you! As long as you feel your style embraces your witchy nature, there are no set rules to the look you’re creating.

Explore our wide variety of Witch Fashion inspired clothing and accessories range!

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Let’s imagine you are invisible, stuck onto the ceiling, looking down in a primary school classroom. The children are listening to of the their teacher and while doing so, many are scribbling randomly in their books. Most of them have concentrated on the lesson and the drawing motion is almost automatic with no intentional thought behind it. Some are just drawing lines or cubes, others circles…and then – one of the pupils have drawn a pentagram! And then there’s another, sitting in the opposite side of classroom!

Ok, what about moving location? Let’s visit a boardroom full of adults. They are all sitting down trying to absorb a new presentation. And once more, similar to what happened in the classroom – there is a person scribbling. In between the mambo-jumbo on the paper he had scribbled a pentagram.

What if we tried to place all those individuals in a social background where the pentagram didn’t exist? Let’s assume that they were all brought up without any previous exposure to the symbol.

So what about this urge or instinct? Where does it come from? What links them to the rest of us, who have consciously read or being told, or have seen a TV program about, or maybe just being exposed to the general social media? The answer is: we are all human! Our subconscious mind contains vast knowledge in symbology which is the foundation of our humanity. Some call it sacred geometry. The ancient Greek philosopher Plato called it the world of ideas – symbols (the true world), with the material one being only a vague reflection of what should really be.

The pentagram is one of the basic spiritual symbols which reside in everybody’s mind.

In antiquity , the pentagram symbol can be found in ancient Egypt, depicting Sirius, then in Rome and Persia throughout the whole Byzantine era you will find it almost everywhere.  It will be spotted in many pegan traditions all over the globe too though that is a very detailed subject to go into.

It is also important to add that the  Freemasonary describes the pentagram as the most important Pythagorean symbol  in sacred geometry.

What does the pentagram symbolize?

The pentagram symbolizes protection.

It is widely used in occult ceremonies as a cleansing ritual done prior to any magick work and also thereafter as a closing ceremony which banishes intrusive spirits back into their world and away from interference with the purpose of the actual spell. It is better known as LBRP (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram).

Details on that can be found from various sources, however after extent research on the subject, I personally recommend Aliester Crawley’s Thelema. It includes fine details as well as LBRP in enochian angelic language which has been accepted as the base in the Golden Dawn’s teaching and traditions.

With its perfect geometry, the pentagram represents spirit over matter. It is often illustrated with Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. ” As within, so without.” Starting with bottom left point representing Earth, then upper left Air, Ether (or Spirit) on top, top right – Water and bottom right – Fire.

Having mentioned all above, the pentagram is a protective symbol which when worn will not only be aesthetically pleasing with its perfect geometrical shape but rather be providing an invisible shield against external negative energies.