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What is it that makes fishnets so appealing to us all?

They do not serve practical but rather an aesthetic purpose in transforming any outfit by adding a pinch of timeless sex appeal.

Dating back in 1933 and worn mainly by the time’s famous burlesque dancers, fishnets have stood the test of time as one of the most desirable accessory.

The idea of hiding and at the same time revealing flesh has the powerful magic of making it such desired fashion trend.

We can see that they can be mixed with various styles as you can read In Style’s article “How to wear fishnet tights like a celebrity“.

Fishnets and mesh fabrics have been worn by all punk, grunge, heavy metal and basically all Dark Fashion lovers since the 80s.

These days you will find various inspiring designs and styles to chose from.

We offer wide variety of trendy contemporary fishnets  which can bring out the Dark Goddess out of all daring to wear them.

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