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Most important when dressing is that you feel comfortable in your clothes. You should express your personality and how you feel on that day too, however we would like to share a couple of tips on how to really rock in your outfit and turn heads every day.
There are four different women’s body shapes and you can easily determine which one outlines your own.
·         Banana or H Shape as some refer to as is when your shoulders and chest are almost in line with your hips and your waist size is not particularly emphasized. For example, if your chest and hips measure 90cm, your waist will be anything over 70cm. 
·         Apple body shape refers to much larger chest with waist and hips of similar ratio as Banana shape.
·         Pear body shape describes small chest and not so prominent waist with rather large hips.
·         Hourglass body type is very much explained in it’s name. That is having large chest and hips with small waist. Example: Chest and Hips – 90cm and waist 60cm or less.

Whatever your favorite style choice: Alternative, Grunge, Steampunk, Witchy Fashion, Pastel Goth or Vampire Fashion, to name just few of the trends by Wearable Tattoo fashion, you can follow the suggestions below and optimize your look easily.

Banana Body Shape

Tip! On occasions, wear a corset to easily transform your shape to Hourglass.

Best combinations for you:
·         Skinny jeans/leggings + Loose Top/T-Shirt
·         Loose Pants + Tight Fitted Top
·         Bodycon + Corset or Cincher Belt
·         Any other type dress!
·         Low rise Bottom Swimsuit
·         Any Flair Skirt (Short or Long) + Fitted Top
·         Crop Top + Low rise Pants

Apple Body Shape 

·         Skinny jeans/leggings + Loose Top/T-Shirt
·         Flair Dress
·         Any other dress + Corset or Cincher Belt
·         Flair Pants + Tight Top
·         Fitted Skirt + Loose Top
·         Low rise Bottom Swimsuit

Pear Body Shape

·         Loose Pants + Tight Fitted Top
·         Any Flair Skirt (Short or Long) + Fitted Top
·         High Waist Pants/Skirts
·         High Waist Swimsuit
·         Bodysuit + Flair Skirt
·         Crop Top + High Waist Pants/Skirt

Hourglass Body Shape

·         Any Dress/Bodycon
·         High Waist Pants + Crop Top/Fitted Top
·         High Waist Swimsuit
·         Bodysuit + High Waist Pants/Skirt
·         Loose Pants + Crop Top/Fitted Top
·         Loose Tops + Skinny Pants
·         Fitted Skirt + Fitted Top
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