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If similarly to me you have a soft spot for alternative wear (you should though, if reading this article), you will often find yourself asking the question if this exceptionally stunning piece of jewelry in the shape of a coffin or those irresistible Lady Gaga’s videos’ inspired style shoes will fit in with my 9-5 office job or will be perceived by my child’s teachers or those nosy neighbors that some of us are lucky to have.

Well, my open minded fashion outlook started forming when I was 12-13 years of age meaning  I have had a lengthy experience of learning how to make it work.

There’s no need to starve yourself of what you actually really love and pretend to be somebody else. Of course you still have to somehow make it work thus you don’t have to chose between that amazing job opportunity and your inspiring fashion sense. 

First you have to make it become part of your style. You should consider yourself lucky as there are many people actually out there who haven’t got a clue of what their style is. Therefore if you always put a drop, just a drop of your alternative fashion style’s magic in the portion you will be considered by others as stylish. The outcome will be that instead of appearing extreme and weird to some you will rather leave lasting impression as an individual with a classy dark beautiful style.

Play with different options like wearing these rocking shoes and vintage look blouse with skinny office look trousers or pencil skirt.

Or what about Steampunk style boots and skirt? Just add a plain stylish blouse and no hair accessories. You will steal the day!

Or maybe add a corset with your new suit! You will be surprised how it will change the fit of your jacket! You will look simply polished!!

Hmm.. an Ankh pendant peeping through your blouse?..Or gothic choker? Stunning, stylish and classy!

Second – make sure your fashion sense is not offensive to any religious, racial or social groups. I would not suggest putting on those vampire look red contact lenses or Illuminaty enthused 4″ pendant at somebody’s funeral because you most probably will be left out of the will ;).

Third -very important! Wear what suits you! We are all born with our own unique body types and shapes so embrace it! Make a statement with the part of your body you love and dim others. If you love the way you look the odds are that others will too. If you dress in a way that makes people whisper “Wow! She (or he) looks stunning, she always does. And that big booty (or boobs, or nose or whatever) just suits her!”

So, embrace!

Fourth – do not be afraid of color! Believe me, I looove black though experience had thought me that color here and there does wonders!

For example a suede black dress with pastel green shoes and a matching necklace or earrings! Or maybe pink shoes? There are many possibilities when it comes to those touches of “something different” to your daily wardrobe.

Fifth – listen to your instinct and do not be stereotypical.

Many years ago I discovered that I love pearls and they suit me. I wear  them in between leather, fur and feather type textures. And yes, the old lady next door wears them too though she doesn’t wear the 5″ heals with them and her hair is short and permed 🙂 which for example places both styles (mine and hers) worlds apart.

Do not be pressured by today’s fashion either! Especially if it won’t work for you! Wearing you hair silver/grey might make you 15 years older, especially if you are anything older than 25 (there might be exceptions to this – just my thought in general)!

Sixth – be comfortable and practical. Don’t let yourself be fashion victim! Wearing high heels the whole day while standing might not be a good idea for you unless you are one of those strange creatures like myself who has forgotten how to and will refuse to wear flats. Or maybe putting on a long frilly gothic dress when going hiking unless you don’t care that you might lose half of it to being hooked onto bushes and branches.

Weekend? Go crazy! Anything your heart desires!

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