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In the early 90s, the grungy fashion look was born influencing millions of people all over the world. Fashion designers like Marc  Jacobs and Perry Ellis didn’t wait long to include and elevate it to a high fashion trend in their collections.

And of course those Doc Martin shoes! That was a must to have in order to complete the look!

Striped tops, colorfully printed dresses with denim jackets, round Steampunk meets John Lennon style sunglasses and oversized knitted hats! Since the 90s, grunge style had never seem to fade away and it had always had some kind of an influence with  the latest fashion trends. After all, who wouldn’t wear ripped jeans or denim jacket? However, it seems to me that nowadays the style had evolved into a more polished look than its actual original look in the early 90s.

Messy and cool, carefree look, that what grunge is.

Go for bright lipstick, dyed hair with over grown roots and generous dark eyeliner.

There you are! Ready to go!

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