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What is a magick grimoire?

A grimoire is a journal of magick beliefs, understandings, spell trials and personal first hand practical experiences  written by a sorcerer himself.

The word grimoire originates from the  French grammoire meaning grammar which leads to words or a book of spells.

This is a very old practice taking us back to ancient Egypt and Hermes Trismegistus himself who is believed to have recorded his knowledge in scripts.

It is well accepted in the occult society for each sorcerer or sorceress to posses one of these books in order to keep track of their own journey and level of advancement within  their own spiritual development.

Many occultists include drawings, sigils and tables describing their studies in precise detail.

A grimoire may include divination techniques, scrying journey occurrences, magick spells, messages from different entities and conclusions.

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