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The Beginning

My corseting journey began about 6-7 years ago.

Let me get this straight from the beginning – I am not talking about wearing the so popular nowadays cincher or gym cinchers (even that some call them “corset”,  I find that inappropriate as a corset should contain steel bones,  in order to actually train your waist).

Bearing in mind I have always been fascinated with body modification, the idea of corseting consumed me and I reached out to learn more from the community of tight-lacers, researched French corsetieres and stumbled across the not so optimistic judgments of others.

Once I bought my first two corsets, I was completely fascinated with my so close to heart garments.

The Facts I Discovered.

I found out that one could not wear them 23/7 immediately. You should only wear a corset for 4-5 hours in a day for approximately ten days in order to “break it” or rather said to give it a chance to shape around your body. That is in order to extend the life of the precious expensive accessory as otherwise it  will tear in places under  the immediate prolonged initial strain.

The visible and immediate body reshaping as a result of putting on a corset  is addictive.

I felt more feminine and loved the immediate gratification effect!

At least for the first hour or two. Thereafter my  breathing was different, shallow and fast. Sleeping could only be done by laying on a side. Exercising, especially intense cardio I found  impossible.

Wearing a corset is a real lady’s style garment – you cannot lay back on a couch in front of a TV! In order to breath you have to sit up straight at all times. I cannot recommend anything better as a solution for improving bad posture!

YesI also found out that our modern fashion is certainly not designed around wearing a corset. It’s best to wear it over dresses, skirts, skinny jeans and tights with it making sure that all of those are really firm fit as belts under the corset are ”no-no”.

Do you have to wear lining? Absolutely! It will protect your skin from severe bruising, though you still might get minor marks especially if you have slim figure. I suggest using cotton tank top. It worked best for me.

Does corset wear really and permanently reduce your waist size? Unfortunately not (See German tightlacer calling herself Lacie: Laci Pin Up)! Unless you grow up in it and your ribs get reshaped during very young years, you will not be able to keep your achievement of waist size reduction for long after stopping to wear it.

The Outcome

Is it worth it to even start?

Oh yes, definitely! Nothing will transform your body like it unless you remove surgically a rib or two!

I must confess that nowadays I only wear my corsets on occasion and you won’t see me at a tight lacing competition though who knows, I might just change my mind and go for it!

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