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Goth Fashion Style 2023

It’s 2023 and as a Dark Fashion fan you deserve a sneak preview of what would the latest trends be this year.

What would the New Year – new You wear? Wanna be the the first to inspire your friends with your look? If so, then you are reading the right article.

We’ve compiled a short list on what to expect as to hottest NuGoth fashion.

  1. Black and white combination. Proudly inspired by Wednesday Addams, as the character we all know so well from the Addams Family was revived and placed in to a rather modern perspective by Jenna Ortega in the “Wednesday” Netflix series.
      • Wooven Knit fabric. Also in black and white!
      • Mesh. From skirts to certain details in pants, tops and dress designs.
      • 80s Neon is back. For the hottest looks go with bold green, blue, orange or pink.

      Keep on wearing fishnets, corsets and choker necklaces. Those are still the core elements of Goth fashion.

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