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Gothic Print Curtain

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Product Description:  Smooth, soft and easy to clean
Material: Polyester
Dimensions: See size chart below

Note: Due to different monitors, the colors are slightly different. Before purchasing,  please check the size.
Note: “×2” is two curtain drops, otherwise it is one curtain drop.

For example: 135w×135h×2 is a two-piece curtain, the total width is 270 cm, 135w×135h is a one-piece curtain, the width is 135 cm






1, WXF05564, WXF05565C, LEX04540, LEX11464, WHH03229, HZF01045, HZF01046, CRY01513, LEX01571, LEX03745, LEX00771, WXF02903


135W x 115H(cm), 135W x 245H(cm) x2, 135W x 60H(cm), 135W x 215H(cm) x2, 135W x 230H(cm) x2, 135W x 160H(cm)x2, 135W x 185H(cm) x2, 70W x 100H(cm) x2, 135W x 230H(cm), 135W x 245H(cm), 135W x 185H(cm), 135W x 215H(cm), 135W x 135H(cm), 135W x 160H(cm), 100W x 215H(cm) x2, 135W x 135H(cm) x2, 100W x 160H (cm) x2, 135W x 92H(cm)

2 reviews for Gothic Print Curtain

  1. Finn Junkermann

  2. Craig Piro

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